“Aleppo” – a soundscape poem

I’ve never been to the city of Aleppo, but I’ve read about its long history as a trading hub and its international atmosphere. In this short audio poem I try to capture the vibe of the city as I imagine it, and take the listener through a rapid transformation into the more recent and extremely sad events.

The soundscapes are edited together using my own recordings from Istanbul, Marseille and Dhaka combined with library sounds from various places.

In October 2016 Kallio Church in Helsinki decided to toll funeral bells once a day to tribute the victims of Aleppo. Like many other sound enthusiastics I recorded the bells for my archives. Here they represent a Finnish far-flung awarness of the tragedy.

The picture: Aleppo, 1754. Public domain. Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massacre_of…ppo_Drummond.png

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