Game audio

Keywords: game audio, music, interactive
Roles: sound designer, composer

Thanks to my studies at the Aalto University I’ve gotten myself into several game projects as an audio designer and composer.


“Unison” is a small game jam project made for an exhibition with the theme “love”. Thus our team’s goal was to create a playable exhibition item with the noble message of universal love! The idea in the game is to find musical fragments and collectively build a song by joining the pieces together. I was responsible for the audio and music, and I had the challenge to create musical elements that fit with each other while creating meaningful combinations in all possible permutations.

The team:
Helena Sorva – project management
Xiaoxiao Ma, Yuanqi Shan and Juhani Halkomäki – programming
Veera Hokkanen, Veera Krouglov – art
Matias Harju – audio and music

Unison being played at the exhibition. Photo by author.


My next project at Aalto was a clone of the indie horror game Slender: The Eight Pages. In the team of three I was again the audio designer / composer. This was a very educational project in terms of project management and use of a middleware (Fmod) together with Unity integration and some C# scripting. I got to produce many basic sound design elements from footsteps to a rainy forest ambience – and of course several creepy sounds from distant wood-chopping to a generative music bed using slowed-down and reversed clips of Sean Spicer’s speech (don’t ask where that idea came from).

This is the title screen music for the game, following the footsteps of its paragon:

The team:
Jussi Toivonen – project management, programming
Magdalena Wȩgiel – art
Matias Harju – audio and music


Currently I’m working on an experimental VR game with fractals, sonic navigation and non-linear narrative. More about the project here.

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