Matias Harju

Sound Designer, Musician

Sky Beneath

Sky Beneath is a puzzle adventure game for PC, currently being developed by Mindhaven Games, our recently started game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. I'm responsibile for the sound design, music and audio programming.

The game is a story-driven sci-fi puzzle adventure with various gravity manipulation gameplay mechanics. The player is in control of the main protagonist, Cassandra, a member of a scavenger group trying to survive in an abandonded corner of the galaxy. The overall vibe is positive, although there are deeper and serious themes under the surface.

Musically I have chosen an approach where orchestral instruments, especially the strings, create the basic rhythmic and harmonic structures using repetative patterns, pedal tones, half-tone shifts in chords, whole-tone scales, etc. The result is easily approachable and sounds "modern", at least in my opinion, while enabling the use of emotional melodies and colours that help the player to relate with the characters. In addition to the strings I like to use the French horn to get that famously heroic but a bit leery and mysterious feeling. Synthesisers do of course play a role, too, and they obviously represent the technology in the story, a double-sided sword. Since we want to tell the narrative through the living characters the synthesisers are doomed to be in the background, giving space for the acoustic instruments. However, it may well be that at some point of the game they get louder, should the story point that way...

The game is now under development and will be released in 2020. If you're interested to hear more about the game and our journey, please check Mindhaven's website and follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Image and video: Mindhaven Oy