Matias Harju

Sound Designer, Musician

Slender: The Five Pages

Slender: The Five Pages is a clone of the indie horror game Slender: The Eight Pages and a part of my Aalto University studies. In the team of three I was the audio designer and composer. This was an educational project for me in terms of game project management and use of a audio middleware (Fmod), Unity and C#. I produced a wide array of basic sound design elements from footsteps to a rainy forest ambience − and of course several creepy sounds from distant wood-chopping to a generative music bed using slowed-down and reversed clips of Sean Spicer's speech (don't ask more...).

The team:
Jussi Toivonen − project management, programming
Magdalena Wegiel − art
Matias Harju − audio and music

This is the title screen music for the game, following the footsteps of its paragon: