DIY head-tracking headphones

October 29, 2017

After experiencing a super cool sound installation by Holger Förterer in klingt gut! symposium in Hamburg 2017 I wanted to create something similar. Thus I decided to build my own DIY head-tracking headphones and develop an AR audio installation using them.

During the project I did as a part of my studies at Aalto University I also realised that the headphones can as well be used for monitoring any 360 content. Check the video below for a short walk-through of the project.

EDIT (08/2021): Check this post on my master's thesis (2021) on the narrative techniques of 6DoF AAR with another implementation for positional tracking.

EDIT (02/2022): Check this post on the Full-AAR project where we're taking 6DoF head and body tracking to the next level. :-)