Émotive VR

Keywords: 360 film, virtual reality, interactive music, 3D audio, film sound
Roles: sound editor, sound designer, composer

Émotive VR is a French experimental 360º film project where spectator’s emotions control musical and visual elements in real-time.

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Invisible Voices

Keywords: installation, AR, interactive, 3D sound, head tracking, position tracking
Roles: concept and realisation

Invisible Voices is an augmented reality (AR) installation with audio only. The listener wears wireless headphones equipped with a head tracking sensor (described here) and is tracked by a Kinect depth/motion camera.

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Words Never Forgotten

Keywords: installation, interactive, surround, sound, social
Roles: concept and realisation

Words Never Forgotten is an interactive surround sound installation that creates a sonic portrayal of the Internet as a territory where we have a total freedom to express ourselves, but where at the same time anything we say, write or do will be recorded and archived. Once stored in data centres and private computers our words will live forever, and they will become available for anyone to find and quote in whatever context.

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