Matias Harju

Sound Designer, Musician


Bad Reception (2018)
Audio-based game jam game about Finland's first broadcast radio station.(Read more...)

Keywords: audio-based game, game jam, museum, history

Roles: concept, sound designer
Modulated Meanings performance at Aalto Day One 2018
Aalto Day One ceremony music (2018)
Commissioned ceremony music for Aalto University season opening. (Read more...)

Keywords: music, performance, experimental, interactive

Roles: composer, arranger, musician
Brainstorm sound installation at Aalto Day One 2018
Brainstorm (2018)
Interactive multichannel sound installation for Aalto University season opening. (Read more...)

Keywords: sound installation, interactive, multichannel, surround

Roles: concept, sound design, programming
Emotive VR
Émotive VR (2018)
French experimental 360° film project with interactive music reacting to spectator's EEG response. (Read more...)

Keywords: 360 film, virtual reality, interactive music, 3D audio, film sound

Roles: sound editor, sound designer, composer
Toivoisin, että asuisin kuussa>
Toivoisin että asuisin kuussa (2018)
Poetry performance with live electronic music and surround sound design with audience participation. (Read more...)

Keywords: sound, music, poetry, performance, interactive, surround, electronic music, looping

Roles: sound designer, musician
FOLD (2018)
Experimental VR exploration game inside three-dimensional fractals. (Read more...)

Keywords: VR, 3D sound, experimental, interactive

Roles: sound designer, composer
Invisible Voices
Invisible Voices (2017)
Audio augmented reality (AAR) installation using headtracking headphones and position tracking. (Read more...)

Keywords: installation, AR, interactive, 3D sound, head tracking, position tracking

Roles: concept, sound design, programming
Slender: The Five Pages (2017)
A clone of the indie horror game Slender: The Eight Pages. (Read more...)

Keywords: clone game, horror

Roles: sound designer
Unison (2017)
A game jam project made for an Aalto University student exhibition with the theme "love". (Read more...)

Keywords: game jam

Roles: sound designer, composer
Words Never Forgotten
Words Never Forgotten (2017)
Interactive surround sound installation. (Read more...)

Keywords: sound installation, interactive, surround, social

Roles: concept, sound design, programming
"Aleppo" − a soundscape poem (2017)
In this short audio poem I try to capture the vibe of Aleppo as I imagine it, and take the listener through a rapid transformation into the more recent and extremely sad events. (Read more...)

Keywords: audio narrative, audio poem, radiophonic
Lento (2017)
Musical created and performed by Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts premiered at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki, in April 2017. (Read more...)

Keywords: musical, performance, music education, school

Roles: composer coach, band leader, arranger, post-production sound mixer
All photos by the author unless otherwise stated.