Matias Harju

Sound Designer, Musician


Pure Data chiptune synth
I built a simple synth in Pure Data to make chiptune music! (Read more...)

October 22, 2018
Using Ambisonic files in Wwise
Audio middleware Wwise is a bit tricky when it comes to setting up for Ambisonic content. For my latest project I had to spend quite some time testing and and searching for help on the Internet until I managed to get Ambisonic files to play correctly. (Read more...)

July 1, 2018
DIY head-tracking headphones
After experiencing a super cool sound installation by Holger Förterer in klingt gut! symposium in Hamburg 2017 I wanted to create something similar. Thus I decided to build my own DIY head-tracking headphones and develop an AR audio installation using them. (Read more...)

October 29, 2017
Yes, you can use mobile phone as a sound recorder
Some time ago I wondered whether one can record anything usable on a mobile phone. (Read more...)

November 3, 2016
Recording anything usable on a mobile phone?
Okay, using mobile phone as an audio recorder is a classic topic, but I want to share my experience and an experiment. (Read more...)

March 25, 2016
Sound Particles opening doors
I came across a software called Sound Particles on a sound design forum. It's a cool 3D sound design tool that uses particle systems to generate sound atmospheres. (Read more...)

January 19, 2016
Close miking bicycle tire on snow
I'm working on a project where I need lots of bicycle sounds. Being an enthusiastic cyclist myself I decided to start creating my own bicycle sound library for this and future projects. (Read more...)

January 6, 2016